Building for the Future by God’s Grace

Building for the Future by God's Grace Logo

Get Excited to “Build For the Future by God’s Grace!”

Our Redeemer has been blessed with 60 years of knowing Christ and making him known to others.  The spirit has moved us to create more space for worship, fellowship, study, and prayer at Our Redeemer.  Below is a rough draft of what our new space could look like.

We have a great team of people in place working on our capital campaign.  There are many ways to help support our expansion: prayer, volunteering your time with the capital campaign team leaders, prayer, think about sacrificial giving of money beyond weekly tithes, prayer, and telling everyone how excited you are for the future!

Some of the benefits we are anticipating are:

  • Improved handicapped accessibility
  • Enhanced worship with more options for music
  • Fellowship opportunities on the primary floor
  • Additional educational facilities
  • Better parking options for elderly and handicapped parishioners

Ground View of Church Future Picture